Psychological Consultancy

MindWise psychological consultancy aims to open up ways to resolve conflicts, overcome crises and to develop and promote skills and strengths. It aims to strengthen self-efficacy, mental health and improve and optimise clients’ well-being and quality of life.

MindWise psychological consultancy is not psychotherapy and does not constitute curative treatment of mental disorders and illnesses.

“It is not in my hands to make the problems and burdens of your life disappear.

But I would like to support you to develop the strengths and skills needed to better cope with problems and stresses on your own.”

C. Muhammad Kasprowicz



If you have any questions, would like to make an appointment or would like to try one of my consultancy, support or coaching services, simply fill out the form or contact me via email or Telegram.

MindWise psychological consultancy is a goal- and solution-oriented, clarifying and supportive form of psychological support. In accordance to German law and regulations,  it does not constitute a curative treatment of mental illnesses or disorders and is therefore to be distinguished from psychotherapy.

Psychological consultancy aims, among other things, to professionally support and strengthen people in stressful life situations and crises, to provide them with efficient and sustainable relief by working out solutions in the shortest possible time, and to improve their psychological well-being and thus their quality of life.

Psychological or psychosocial consultancy  should also enable people to better understand themselves and their social environment, to discover and develop skills and strengths, and to live and function in harmony with themselves and their social environment.

Psychological consultancy is about objective, neutral and appreciative support for the client in clarifying their problems and developing their abilities and strengths. Through techniques that are also used in psychotherapy, the consultant or counsellor helps the client to find individual solutions and options. Through the consultant’s support, the client should be enabled to develop solutions and options that suit him/her based on his/her individual personal situation. Thus, the client can sustainably integrate solutions and options into his/her value and belief structure and everyday life. 

Consultancy topics can be:

  • Prevention, clarification and management of life problems, crises and intra- and interpersonal conflicts.
  • Changes and reorientations in personal and professional life.
  • Development and optimisation of personal and social skills and competences.
  • Improving communication.
  • And more…

People are often exposed to enormous mental stress due to psychosocial burdens, existential pressure, constant competitive situations and interpersonal problems, which they can often only cope with slowly and with difficulty without professional help. Here, psychological consultancy or counselling represents an important and complementary component outside of medical psychology that can contribute significantly to relieving the burden on the health system, as long-term mental illnesses can often be avoided through professional psychological consultancy and counselling.

The service of psychological consultancy is therefore of great importance not only for private individuals, but also for companies that want to protect and promote the mental health and quality of life of their employees. In addition, psychological consultancy can develop and strengthen important competences and skills.

The methods I use for psychological consultancy and counselling are chosen with the involvement of the clients and according to their individual situation. Components and techniques from various scientifically recognized and approved forms of psychotherapy may be used.

Please note: In accordance to German law and regulations, psychological consultancy or counselling is not a curative therapy for serious mental illnesses or disorders and is not intended for and cannot replace psychotherapy.

In my consultations, components and techniques of the following methods, among others, are applied:  

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).
  • Therapeutic conversation (according to Carl R. Rogers, among others).
  • Psychoeducation.

For Muslims, moreover:

  • Forms of Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (IIP).

Though I do not provide curative therapy for mental disorders or illnesses in the context of psychological consultancy, my work usually is supervised by experienced psychiatrists and psychotherapists. This is of great importance to me, as I always aim to respect boundaries and ensure the quality of my consultancy as well as the safety of my clients.

Furthermore, I maintain the quality of my consultancy and counselling through ongoing training in areas of psychology and recognized psychological intervention techniques.

My goal is to support you in such a way that you no longer need counselling and support in the shortest possible time.

  • Contact: Contact me via email or contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.
  • Initial consultation: In the free initial consultation (approx. 20 minutes) we clarify the subject of your concerns and if and how I could support you. You can get a first impression and hopefully will take away some helpful first orientation. We will then set up an appointment for the first session.
  • Consultancy contract: Before the first session, I will send you the consultancy contract, in which you will be informed about important topics such as confidentiality, payment, etc. The consultancy contract will be signed by you and sent to me.
  • Payment: You pay for the session by bank transfer or PayPal as agreed in the consultancy contract.
  • Consultancy session: The sessions take place online. We decide together whether the meeting will take place with or without video transmission. I will send you a link for our session at the time agreed upon.


Initial Online-Call

  • Approx. 10 minutes initial personal online-call for first orientation, to ask questions and discuss a possible collaboration.

Online Session

By arrangement
  • Flexible and comfortable: 50 minutes of one-to-one session online with C. Muhammad Kasprowicz.

HR Support

By arrangement
  • Support for people in companies or institutions. Protecting and promoting mental well-being and quality of life, optimising strengths and competences and more...
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