About me

My name is C. Muhammad Kasprowicz.

Having been born and raised in Germany, I’ve had the opportunity to live, study, and work in diverse cultural settings throughout my life. Since 2005, I have been residing in the Arab Gulf States.

I pursued Islamic theology and law and attained a master’s degree in jurisprudence (M.Jur.). Additionally, I have combined and complemented these disciplines with studies and trainings in the areas of psychology and psychotherapy as well as leadership development and coaching.

As a multilingual professional, I provide counseling, coaching, and mediation services to individuals, companies and organizations. Additionally, I offer consultancy and training in intercultural management and competence. My expertise spans German, Arabic, and English languages, enabling me to effectively support clients in diverse cultural contexts.

Apart from providing general psychological counseling, I have specialized in counselling and coaching minorities and Muslims.

I actively serve as a volunteer pastoral counselor and hold a professional membership in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. My further involvement spans various research and training projects centered around “Islamic Psychology”.

Formal education and qualifications

  • Bachelor and Master (M.Jur.) in Islamic Theology and Law:
    Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University
  • Introduction to Psychology:
    Oxford University, Department for Continuing Education
  • Foundations of International Psychiatry
    University of Melbourne
  • Condensed Program (4 months, theory and practice) on Applied Clinical Psychology (diagnostics and treatment techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy):
    Motmaena Medical Center, Riyadh
  • Psychological First Aid (PFA):
    John Hopkins University
  • Certificate Psychological Intervention Programme PM+:
    SBF, Credential ID: CP2012005
  • Completion of various courses and trainings on topics related to psychology and psychological care:
    Among others at: Harvard Medical School Post-Graduate Medical Education, American Psychiatric Association, SBF and others.
  • Certificate Global Leadership Assessment:
    Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Trainings at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
    (Professional ID: ACH-70267740), CPD-Accredited, UK:
    Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology
    Practitioner Certificate Counselling Psychology
    Practitioner Certificate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Advanced Life Coaching Certificate

My experience encompasses several vital aspects, including extensive work in education, counseling and coaching. Additionally, I continuously engage in further training to stay updated and enhance my skills. Ensuring high-quality standards in my work relies furthermore on continuous collaboration and exchange with qualified and skilled professionals.  This ongoing exchange fosters excellence and elevates the outcome of our collective efforts.

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