"My coaching process is about shaping your character, your skills and competences and your future. It is not about your past. I support you in developing your visions and goals and in implementing them through the systematic application of effective strategies."

C. Muhammad Kasprowicz

MindWise Coaching

My coaching is a goal-oriented, systematic and time-limited professional support for my clients in the areas of development and change processes in their professional and/or private lives. The development of personal and professional skills and competences as well as the achievement of goals should be measurable and be able to be continued by the client independently and permanently in the shortest possible time.

A key goal of my coaching process is to empower the client to self-manage and self-optimise in the context of their individual circumstances and requirements.



Coaching is used today to develop and optimise personal and professional strengths and skills, and to improve performance and quality of life in work environment as well as in private life.

Coaching in its many forms is offered to a wide variety of target groups and is adapted to individual circumstances and objectives. The definitions of the term “coaching” are as varied as the fields of activity and the strategies and approaches used in coaching. A clear and uniform definition of “coaching” is therefore hardly possible, which reflects in the existence of the many different definitions of the term.

The following types of coaching have become established as a professional form of consultancy:

  • “Business Coaching”: This term is generally used for work-related coaching. This area of coaching includes for example, leadership coaching, career coaching, conflict coaching, negotiation coaching etc.
  • “Executive Coaching”: This is generally understood to mean management coaching or the coaching of executives in a wide variety of organisations and institutions, such as companies, public authorities, etc. The coach often works as a personal advisor and feedback provider with the decision-makers in higher management levels (top management).
  • “Life coaching”: This is often understood to mean general and comprehensive consultancy on life in general, which is provided by coaches who are trained professionals. However, the term “life coaching” can be understood and used in the context of “business coaching” when professional issues are discussed in the context of a client’s holistic life circumstances. Personal aspects such as biographical imprints, personal resources and limitations, family situation etc. are included in the coaching process.

Coaching is based on the voluntary and cooperative relationship between coach and client, characterised by acceptance and trust.

Coaching can be preventive, supportive, orienting and problem-solving.

  • My coaching aims at character development, the development and promotion of intra- and interpersonal skills and competences, self-management and the empowerment of self-optimisation. Thus, a major focus of my coaching is on promoting self-reflection and independent solution finding within the safe and supportive space of the cooperative relationship between me and my client. I use methods and techniques based on scientific findings, for example, from the fields of developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and behavioural psychology. I combine these techniques and methods with proven coaching models from the field of leadership development (leadership coaching), for example, methods according to Marshall Goldsmith.

    How may I support you in realising your goals and visions?

  • Contact: Contact me via email or contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.
  • Initial consultation: In the free initial consultation (approx. 20 minutes) we clarify your goals and wishes and discuss whether I can support you through one of my coaching models. We then set up an appointment for the first coaching session.
  • Coaching contract: Before the first session, I will send you the coaching contract, in which you will be informed about important topics such as confidentiality, payment, etc. You sign the contract and send it to me.
  • Payment: You pay the session by bank transfer or PayPal as agreed upon in the coaching contract.
  • Coaching session: The coaching sessions are online. We decide together whether the session takes place with or without video transmission. I will send you a link for our session at the agreed upon time.


Initial Online-Call

  • Approx. 10 minutes initial personal online-call for first orientation, to ask questions and discuss a possible collaboration.

Individual coaching

* By arrangement *
  • As the coaching topics are different and the coaching process is individually adapted to your requirements, the prices are not uniform. After a free initial consultation and clarification of your requirements, I will be happy to make you a personal offer if coaching is an option for you.

Group coaching

By arrangement a
  • As the coaching topics are different and the coaching process is adapted to topic areas and participants, the prices are not uniform. Please ask about the possibilities and prices of group coaching.

Write to me...

If you have any questions, would like to make an appointment or would like to try one of my consultancy, support or coaching services, simply fill out the form or contact me via email or Telegram.

How may I Support you?

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